Manifest Money through Art of Magnetization

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Manifest Money through Art of Magnetization

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

There are physical and metaphysical means by which your wealth is obtained. To attract money, you have to become a money magnet. You do so through the process of magnetization. The physical means of obtaining wealth is through setting up businesses and systems that bring in money. The metaphysical process of magnetization is what brings in more sales and revenue when all other factors are left unchanged. It is the very thing that makes the difference in results among people with similar actions.

Two people that take the same physical actions to create wealth may obtain significantly different results because of what each is doing metaphysically. The universe is mental and therefore you can affect reality greatly through the use of the imagination. The rich are able to get more results with lesser effort and in an easier way because they do more of their work mentally than physically. Wealth consciousness is what imbues all your action with prosperous effect. There are different ways of mental work.

Imagine money coming to you. Visualize and feel yourself as a center of attraction where money is flowing to you from all directions. Imagine a shower of hundred dollar bills falling all over you from the sky, in your room and all around outside your building. Imagine that there is such a flood of abundance and everyone is basking in it. There is more than enough for everybody. Feel the joy and happiness of having so much money to do whatever you want with it. This imagery fills your subconscious with wealth.

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