Incorrect Christian Theory Causes Ignorance

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Incorrect Christian Theory Causes Ignorance

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

The church is meant to be the place of the greatest good, but contrary to mass thinking, it can also actually be the place of the greatest evil. When the way of Christianity is taught in a way that is faulty, it can actually do more harm than all the other evils in the world. That is because when people think they are being led to do good when it is actually evil that they are doing, it is even worse compared to when they are doing evil but know that it is so. Evil presented as good is the greater evil than evil by itself.

It is better to be out there in the world, than to be in a church with the wrong kind of mentality. Instead of bring people to salvation, such a church would actually lead more people to hell. It doesn’t necessarily mean the literal hell, because Christians would still go to heaven after they die. But while on earth, they would be experiencing the effects of hell over their lives, even more so than the world alone could ever cause. They would be experiencing lack of power, freedom and happiness, which is hell indeed.

Truth always exists in a state of balance. By pushing to one extreme or another, it becomes falsehood. Perfect truth is always the integration of two opposite half truths. The church is actually meant to be a superior state of the world. But its mentality has been shifted to pit itself against the world. It rejects many things that the world and the devil use when those things are actually neutral. By doing so, the church loses much power, freedom and happiness, which is why the world is better than the church.

The world does not have so many of those restrictions that the church brought unto itself. Christians refrain from pursuing certain knowledge that is considered occult, which is why they remain in ignorance. Christians refrain from being exposed to certain activities classified as secular, which is why they are weakened in their ability to handle such things. Therefore children of world are wiser than children of light. All things are actually neutral and it’s only the intent of the user that determines good or evil.

The devil may play a part, but it is the stupidity of men that allows such things to take place. Sometimes when considering whether it is the devil’s work or the stupidity of Christians that is the greater factor, the answer might very well be that it has all got to do with the stupidity of Christians and nothing to do with the devil. One can devise great plans to conquer, but the opportunity of defeating the enemy is provided by the enemy himself. Many Christians do not use their God given right to think intelligently.

A stupid person cannot be considered to be good since he does good things without knowing any better. Only one who can see both sides and choose to do no evil can be considered to be truly good. The church has kept its people in ignorance so that they will do only what it considers to be good without knowing any better. This is truly evil since the people will not know whether what they are doing is truly good in the first place. The only way to having true goodness is by developing conscious goodness.

A bad guy who turns good becomes truly good. That is because the bad guy has seen the bad side and now makes a conscious choice to choose the good side. A good guy who turns bad was never truly good in the first place. That is because he simply did good things without knowing what the bad side was like. Then when he has seen the bad side, he makes a conscious choice to choose it, which means he would never have been good in the first place if he was given a view of the two sides at the start.

One who passes from light to darkness and back to light is more powerful on the side of light than ever before. Incorrect Christian theory causes many people to be afraid of entering “forbidden” territory lest they be corrupted and turn away from God. How can we call ourselves true Christians if we never made our choice based on complete awareness of light and darkness? The truest Christians are the fully conscious.

The principle of defying mass consciousness in Christianity in order to know God, is also the same principle in the world for achieving success. The only way to be at the top is to get there in the same way that those at the top got there. What is considered dangerous by the masses is safe to a master, because of his greater competency in handling those things, whether be they investment strategies or spiritual issues. He has ploughed through those things and learned so as to achieve mastery over them.

You need the challenges to develop the necessary skills in your area of business to become powerful. By taking the safe and easy path, you’ll never face the challenges which will give you greater mastery. You will never develop your strength because you are not required to use it anyway. It is not the investment that is risky, but it is the investor that’s risky. It is not the temptation that’s strong, but it is the person that’s weak. The only danger is the danger of false security. Being powerful is true godliness.

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