Mastering and Being In Control of Other People

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Mastering and Being In Control of Other People

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

To be a creator of your reality, you have to be in control of your reality. To be in control of your reality, you have to be in control of every aspect of your reality. One of the key aspects of your reality is the people in it. To be a master of your reality requires mastering and being in control of other people. To master other people, you have to first master yourself. You’ll find other people limiting you and being out of your control until you overcome your own self limitations towards controlling and mastering them.

Those who are masters of their reality are also masters of the people in it. When you can change your limited perceptions about mastering reality to match those who are masters, you will become unlimited in what you can and will do. Masters have no limit and they control the game because they know how it works. They know that the players are very much a part of the game environment as is everything else. There will be proficient players and poor players. A master knows he has to work with all kinds.

How you handle the world begins from how you see the world. The more deluded you are in the way you see the world, the more ineffective you will be in engaging it. The more clear or enlightened you are in the way you see the world, the more power you have over it. To see with enlightened eyes is to see what is, not what should be. Awareness is knowing how things work and what’s going on. When you can free your mind of the illusions of the world, you will be free to move without being limited by it.

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