Nature of Vibration in the Spiritual Dimension

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Nature of Vibration in the Spiritual Dimension

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

In the physical world, different rates of vibration result in different kinds of effects. But vibrations that are high on the physical plane may be low on the spiritual plane. The key is knowing how vibration is defined differently on the spiritual plane compared to the physical.
In the spiritual dimension, negative energy is lower vibration because it is denser and heavier. Positive energy is higher vibration because it is finer and lighter.
All negative energy makes you feel trapped and heavy. All positive energy makes you feel free and light. That is the difference between joy and grief, peace and stress, clarity and frustration.
Negative energy is emotional burden while positive energy is emotional freedom. Emotions are truly spiritual in nature.
It is important to know that energy attracts more energy of the same kind. Positive emotions attract more positive emotions whereas negative emotions attract more negative emotions.
Energy on the spiritual plane will also attract corresponding scenarios on the physical plane. Feeling positive will result in more good things happening to you as if you are charmed or magnetic towards blessings. Feeling negative will lead to more undesirable things happening as if you are cursed or can’t seem to help pulling bad things into your life.

Emotion and thinking are symbiotic, one never exists without the other. Whenever one seems to exist without the other, it means the other is subconscious. Your thinking affects your emotion and your emotion affects your thinking. Your physiology also affects your emotion. But your physiology affects your emotion by affecting your subconscious mind which is the faculty of your emotion.
Certain negative emotions are not negative in the truest sense when they are meant to propel you to take action that is constructive. Anger and anxiety are emotions of a state that give you energy to take action. They are in between dense and light because they are dynamic.
Anger is felt when there is a need to handle something that is trying to hurt you. Anger can be converted into well being through assertiveness. Anxiety is felt when there is a need to protect something from being taken away. Anxiety can be converted into confidence by doing courage. Such emotions although not entirely negative can be considered negative when compared with higher emotions of well being and confidence that are more positive. Higher vibrations are usually better.
Negative emotion can be converted into positive emotion through right thinking and acting. The only problem is when those emotions are handled immaturely resulting in a regression from anger to depression or anxiety to avoidance. Depression and avoidance are emotional states that rob you of energy. Those are the true negative emotions we should acknowledge and be with in order to know what we truly want and allow ourselves to act authentically towards it.
Anything that is truly negative subtracts energy. Otherwise it can be considered positive in one way or another.
Good thoughts also attract good situations in your life while bad thoughts attract bad situations. The stronger the thoughts, the stronger the emotions. When you change your thoughts, you change everything.
It is by this power that the forces of life are transformed from one condition to another. Magic is the mental manipulation of quantum forces to reshape the reality matrix continuum.
The most powerful force of the mind is its ability to create, control and change reality. This is the true magic of life!
The more joyful, happy and “light-hearted” you are, the higher will be your corresponding overall rate of vibration. The higher your inherent rate of vibration, the more powerful will be your attractive powers will be. Joy is a very high emotion and therefore high state of vibration and Energy along with Unconditional Love. The more joyful you are the higher will be your rate of vibration and the more aligned you will be to The Source. This in turn will enable you to manifest your desires much more freely.
On the physical level, higher and lower vibrations are neither positive or negative. On the spiritual level, higher vibrations are always more positive than lower vibrations.
Low spiritual vibrations are caused by imbalance of physical vibrations. Balancing physical vibrations results in high spiritual vibrations.
This is the difference and correlation of the nature of vibration between the physical and spiritual level of reality.
Having this higher level of awareness helps you to see beyond the matrix of physical reality.

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