Chaos Theory - Higher Order of All Things

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Chaos Theory - Higher Order of All Things

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

The true meaning of the word chaos is different from its general usage as a state of confusion or lacking any order. In chaos theory, chaos refers to an apparent lack of order in a system that nevertheless obeys particular laws or rules. Chaos is not disorder but a higher order of the universe.
Chaotic systems appear to be disorderly, even random. But they are not. Beneath the random behavior is a sense of order and pattern. Truly random systems are not chaotic. In a world of order, chaos rules.
Chaotic systems are deterministic. This means they have something determining their behavior. Chaotic systems are very sensitive are very sensitive to the initial conditions. A very slight change in the starting point can lead to enormously different outcomes. The theory behind how small deviations can lead to large deviations lies at the heart of chaos theory.
Chaos theory is the study of non-linear, dynamic systems. Using Chaos theory, you can predict the patterns of the stock market, the weather and everything that has unfoldment. Chaos theory shows that the occurrence of events is not linear but holographic in nature. The image of the whole can be found within any part of it. Self- similarity is symmetry across scale. It implies recursion, pattern inside of pattern.
Playing with chaos mathematics, science and computer programming produced images which looked like nature. Ferns and clouds and mountains and bacteria. Simple mathematical equations fed into a computer could model patterns every bit as irregular and “chaotic” as a waterfall. They can be applied to weather patterns, coastlines, and all sorts of natural phenomena. Particular equations would result in pictures resembling specific types of leaves, the possibilities were incredible. They seemed to match the behavior of the stock exchange and populations and chemical reactions all at the same time. They suggested answers to questions which had been asked for centuries about the flow of fluids as they moved from a smooth to irregular flow, about the formation of snowflakes, about the swing of a pendulum, about tides and heartbeats and cauliflower and rock formations. The chaos pattern is the pattern of the universe.

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