Acknowledging the Divine Power Behind Everything

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Acknowledging the Divine Power Behind Everything

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

Acknowledge that it is the grace and power of God behind everything you do that makes it prosper. When you do so, you will always know the source behind every good that comes your way. The moment you think otherwise, you have stepped out of alignment with truth. That is when setbacks would occur as spirit reflects your state of untruth. Being aware of the divine would keep you in a state of meekness and true humility. That’s when you can connect to all things with acceptance and non-judgment.

The underlying reality is that we are all one, and there is only one power. When we fail to acknowledge the one power, we are thinking in terms of separate powers. That cannot be as separation does not exist. When we see the one power behind everything, we see ourselves as not greater or lesser than others, but all are equal. This is meekness. The one power exist at the highest position and also lives with the lowliest of the creatures. When we’re truly one with the power, we have a state of lowliness.

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