Things in Quantum States Can be Mentally Altered

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Things in Quantum States Can be Mentally Altered

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

It may seem that the mind cannot influence reality because you cannot change what is right before you simply by willing it to. That is because that which is seen has already been manifested. But you can influence things while they are still in their probable state. When the outcome of something hasn’t yet been observed, it exists in a state of quantum superposition. Your mind can affect it while it is in that state before it is fully observed. Reality is still fluid before the collapse of the wave function occurs.

The usual concept of psychokinesis is moving objects with your mind, but this is actually macro-psychokinesis. There is another form of psychokinesis known as micro psychokinesis. This is the kind of mind over matter influence by which you affect things on a subatomic level or in their quantum probable states. There are much more experiences with micro psychokinesis happening as compared to macro psychokinesis. This proves that the mind does affect reality and you can have power of your own.

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