Equanimity Gives Freedom from Pull of Emotions

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Equanimity Gives Freedom from Pull of Emotions

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

Beware of the pull of emotions. How many times in life have you encountered when you made a decision out of a strong positive or negative feeling and then later realized that it was a mistake? You can make equally harmful mistakes whether the pull was by a positive or negative emotion. The key here is to have complete equanimity no matter what emotion you are experiencing. Allow the emotion to rise and exist without being controlled by it. Make your decision from truth and make use of the emotions.

Suppression of emotion is not control of emotion. You do not control your emotions by suppressing them. Being in control of your emotions is being in control of how you respond to them. When you are feeling angry, you do not stop yourself from feeling angry. You simply allow yourself to feel angry and decide how you would consciously act with that anger. That is true control. You are doing exactly what it is you want with your feeling of anger and not what you don’t want. The same goes for any emotions.

When moving to fulfill your destiny the ideal is to be rational and to not make immediate decisions based on emotions. Allow your emotions to play a part in the larger picture of your decision making but not the only part. Your emotion is your energy in motion at the moment. It is based on your present state. When your state changes, your emotions change. You can have multiple states and emotions about a particular matter. That is why it is important to give yourself time to consolidate all the frames.

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