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Joy of Living for Yourself is Power to Create

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

Pleasure within physical focus eliminates much of your thickness in energy and allows you to move much more freely through your physical focus. It is not creating conflict, and it is creating of an ease. Pleasure also lends to your acceptance of self. You equate pleasure with the idea of happiness, and if you are experiencing happiness, you are allowing yourself much more freedom and an ease within your focus, and therefore much less thickness in energy. Do as you please to live with ease.

This is the reason to be seeking out those activities or elements within your focus that offer you pleasure in your experiences, for this offers you freedoms. If it is not fun, stop it! If you’re incorporating conflict do not incorporate it, for if it does not offer what you are considering to be positive or fun, then you should not be doing or participating in this, or in anything. If anything is creating conflict with you, or separating you from you, or creating unhappiness within you, then you should not be incorporating of that.

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