Will is Central Key to all Mental Phenomena

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Will is Central Key to all Mental Phenomena

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

The future exists first in the imagination, then in the will, then in reality. Simply imagining something will not make it real. If you want to make your imagination reality, you have to use the will. The will is the central key to all mental phenomena. Everything is controlled by the will. The will is the core that holds all energy together. The will is the highest level of the mind and its ruling faculty.
The ruling faculty of mind is the ruling power of reality. Magic is the act of causing change in accordance with will. Will is directed by desire and liberated by belief. You must focus on your desire and you must will yourself to believe in getting it. Even though what you want has already been given, you have to use the will to claim it as yours, so that negative forces cannot take it away from you.

Manifestation works best when you have a strong intent. Instead of only a want, it is more of a must. When you know something must happen, it will. When you want something to happen, it is still not a strong enough intention. “I want to do this.” is not as strong as “I must do this now.” It a small distinction that makes a big difference. Think to yourself “I can and I will.”

Manifestation involves the act of selecting from a pool of probable futures, a particular one to manifest. We cannot avoid our role as chooser-creators any more than we can avoid thinking. Intention is choice. To think about this rather than that, to give attention to this rather than that. The will is the faculty of choice. It is the decisions we make that shape our destiny.

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