Conflict of Personalities within the God Mind

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Conflict of Personalities within the God Mind

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

It’s been a question about how God can have a universal and a personal aspect. It’s also been a wonder how a created angelic being can seek to become the new person of the Godhead. Such is a mystery of the high things in the universe. We have always thought that God is all that is therefore division does not exist because everything is one. But we need to understand that things can be same in substance but different in being.

The concept of the universal and personal aspect of God is derived through the principle of correspondence. The mind has two aspects, the conscious and the subconscious. God also has a conscious and subconscious mind. Think of the conscious as the personality or Ego and the subconscious as the body. The universe is the body of God and the trinity is the person of God. Both the universe and the trinity is God, for all is one but with different aspects.

You create different thoughtforms or personalities within you with your thinking. These different thoughtforms or personalities represent different aspects of you. Although each of them run your body at different times in order to express a different part of you, there is a dominant personality that defines the real you. It does not define you as a being because you are none of your personalities but pure spirit. It defines you as a person.

When one of these personalities becomes greater than your dominant personality, it overrides it and you become a new person. These is how metamorphosis occurs and which explains why someone can become a completely new and different person. It is a change of self with a different self. Such changes are changes in second order beings therefore it is different from changes in first order of beings. In first order changes, a person’s spirit is overruled by another spirit which is the case of demon possession. In second order changes, a person’s spirit remains the same but his thoughtforms and personalities have shifted in his psychological hierarchy.

God is a zero order being and a first order being. The zero order is the universal aspect and the first order is the personal aspect. The sovereign or most high personality of God is the trinity. The trinity is the conscious aspect of the God Mind. It is the trinity that decided to create all other first order beings as divine aspects of God. The Most High consciousness which is also the Divine Ego exist in perfect harmony with the subconscious aspect of the God Mind.

But one first order being that is almost as sovereign as the most high personality conceived and believed in a plan to ascend into supremacy and become as the dominant personality of the God Mind. If he were to succeed, then he would become the New God of the universe and rule all creation as he wills. When two personalities are vying for dominance, it creates a split personality or schizophrenia in a being.

But when one personality is clearly in control while allowing the other to play itself out, it creates the illusion of chaos when order is actually behind it. This explains why certain people possess the good-guy/bad-boy personality mix that girls find so attractive and fascinating. They are unpredictable, mysterious and thrilling to interact with. You want to know who they truly are, what makes them tick and what they’re really up to.

This also explains why the universe seems to be in chaos when there is actually a higher order behind the appearance of chaos. People wonder why if there is a God then why isn’t everything perfect. They wonder who is really in control, God or Devil? God is able to destroy Lucifer in the beginning but he doesn’t because he is allowing Lucifer to play out his grand plan to overthrow the Godhead throughout history so as to prove that his idea is ultimately flawed and will not succeed no matter what scenario he attempts to use it in. This is also to prove that God is eternally sovereign and greater than all other beings. This also shows God’s perfect wisdom and legal system of judicial government.

Lucifer knows that the Godhead exists in the most stable state as a trinity. For complete perception, there has to be a first person, second person and third person point of view. Since Lucifer plans to overthrow the trinity and replace it with himself, he has to change collective consciousness belief about the trinity. Lucifer is one person and not three, therefore he has created the new truth that the trinity is a single personality that plays three different roles at different times. He wants to proclaim himself to be God who appears as the Father, Son and Holy Spirit in turns.

The trinity is the personal aspect of God as three persons. Each person is in the other two. Wherever one is, all three is. None came from the others but all three are begotten from the one consciousness of God in the nothingness. The role of the Father and Son are only relational and not literal. Only a trinity consisting of three different personalities can exist in a state of true love. Self love alone is meaningless. There needs to be another to love.

The Father is the one who loves and the Son is the beloved. For love to be fully expressed, it also needs to be indirectly expressed by sending a living person to communicate your love to another. The Holy Spirit is the self conscious spirit of that love. The name of the Son has been exalted above every other name because he is the ultimate expression of God’s love. Jesus is salvation for beings that were separated from the Father. Jesus is the person of true love, not Lucifer.

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