Feeling Normal about Your Desire to Manifest It

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Feeling Normal about Your Desire to Manifest It

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

In order to be a vibrational match for your desire, you must feel it as normal. It goes counter intuitive to the way people get all excited when they are imagining their desire or experiencing it manifesting. You must act like it’s no big deal. Feel good about it and then be cool about it. Acting like it is too good for you or that it’s a big thing would mean that you are not in a vibrational match with it. People with lots of money or lots of attention from the opposite sex feel normal about such things and are totally cool.

There are three main areas of life which are health, wealth and love. Health is the easiest thing to expect because it is part of our physical bodies. If you feel that health is a natural thing to have, then feel the same for wealth and love as well. That is the way to be in resonance with it. Think of it as very normal and have a ho-hum attitude towards those things. Health, wealth and love are different aspects of well being. They belong to you by divine right therefore you can expect those things to be in your life.

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