Time Manipulation - Controlling Simultaneous Time

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Time Manipulation - Controlling Simultaneous Time

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

We understand that time is but a perception, and is in actuality simultaneous. But what we may not realize is that time is within itself a dimension. It is what you may term to be an entity within itself, within energy. Time is created within consciousness. Consciousness created and affixed this dimension of time to each different physical dimension. Hence time differs within different physical dimensions. The dimension of time can be measured and altered like space. The control of time is control of reality.

Time is elastic. It may be manipulated and bended and created or inserted into different physical dimensions in different increments. Some dimensions move much more swiftly than this particular dimension, some move much more slowly than this particular dimension, but these are all manipulations of the dimension of time. Time is an element. It is almost a thing that may be manipulated. You may manipulate time in the same manner as you manipulate electricity and magnetism and with any element.

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