Moon Cycles In Relation to Magickal Phenomena

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Moon Cycles In Relation to Magickal Phenomena

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

The moon has a great effect on many things down here on planet Earth. The lunar cycles have subtle effects on the psyche and also affect all magickal work being done. Statistics show that people tend to exhibit more erratic behavior around the time of the full moon. The gravitational fields of the moon not only affects the tides of the ocean but it also influences the emotions of people. A full moon causes people to become more sexual, more emotional and wilder. Strong things can happen during such times.

Emotions are amplified during a full moon and very good things or very bad things can happen during those times. It is the time when you can see the best or the worst in people being displayed. Those are critical times when something can be created, or destroyed. Just like everything else, the lunar cycles are governed by the principle of rhythm, and if you can master rhythm, you can master life itself. People who cannot be in control of their emotions to a reasonable extent with intelligence will fail in living.

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