Receiving the Harvest of Your Financial Giving

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Receiving the Harvest of Your Financial Giving

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

Abundance is created primarily through breaking and sharing. Anything that is shared multiplies, expands and attracts others of its kind. When money is shared, it multiplies, expands and increases. This is the real secret of creating abundance and increasing prosperity. The world’s system of increasing your money is through investment, but the returns on investment is nothing compared to the returns on giving. When you give a portion of your money away, you activate supernatural increasing.

Creation is expressed by sowing a seed and cultivated by faith. Seed Money works beautifully for those who work it in faith. Planting a seed through an act of giving is not enough. You must cultivate the seed with faith in order to reap the harvest. You are the sower, the cultivator and the harvester. Any part of the cycle not taken care of will affect the harvest. You cultivate your seed for a harvest by believing that you will receive a harvest and holding on to the expectation of your gifts returning to you multiplied.

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