Role of God, Man and Devil

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Role of God, Man and Devil

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

The problem with the way many Christians think is that, they attribute many of the evil things they do or that happen to them as the fault of the Devil. But that is foolish way of thinking because by attributing the cause of events to the world without instead of the world within, they are having an irresponsible and immature mentality.
Herein lies the secret of power. Responsibility is power. When you acknowledge responsibility, you gain power. When you cast blame on some other entity, you are giving your power to that entity. The Devil obviously would love Christians to blame him for everything bad that happens. It keeps them powerless and makes him powerful.
Everything works according to the Law of Cause and Effect. The notion of chance, luck, fate or destiny is actually the result of the law at work. Nothing escape the law, everything is subjected to it. If it wasn’t so, the entire universe would collapse in an instant.
All things that exist in the world without are created from the world within. The world within is the world of thoughts, the world without is the world of conditions. Thoughts are the causes, conditions are the effects. This is according to the Law of Correspondenceas within, so without.
Every thought results in its corresponding condition. Positive thoughts create positive conditions and negative thoughts create negative conditions. When you have this awareness, you can realize the truth of every matter. That there is an absolute process of cause and effect by which it consists of.
It is equally erroneous to attribute every success as God’s grace and nothing to do with the self at all. Such a mentality would only result in the person always thinking that whether something works or not would depend whether God decides to make it work. They will not be certain of how their thoughts and actions play a definite part in making it work.
If everything depends on God and the Devil, why do we even need to have a mind of our own at all? How ridiculous it is to think like that. It is truly absurd.
So how to make sense of all these? The truth is, each of the two aforementioned beliefs are only half true. Yes the Devil does play a part to a certain extent in the evil conditions that are present in this world, but his work only has effect in our reality according to the Law of Attraction. The law states that all things are energy and like energy attracts like energy. We are all attracting into our reality those things, people and spiritual forces that are in harmony with the thoughts that we think.
Yes God’s grace is what we should give glory to for every blessing that we have, but God’s grace cannot override the free will he has given us in creating our own reality. If success has nothing to do with us, then we should not experience failure because God would always enforce success in every area of our lives.
Herein is the truth about the role of God, Man and Devil. God works, Man chooses and the Devil deceives.
The entire universe and all things in it operate according to the Grace of God and the Law of God. The Law of God is both Law of Commandments and Universal Laws. This is not to say that evil is God’s doing because God is holy, just and good.

God has two aspects. The universal aspect and the personal aspect. The universal aspect of God is the universal power which is available to all. All things have their being and power through the universal aspect of God. When we say all things are the work of God, we are rightfully referring to the universal aspect of God.

The work of evil that any entity operates is simply through using the universal aspect of God. When Pilate told Jesus that he had the power to crucify or release him, Jesus answered that Pilate could have no power at all against him, except if it were given to him from above. Therefore the supernatural force (Lucifer) that delivered Jesus unto him hath the greater sin. But everything that the personal aspect which is the person of God himself personally does, is perfectly righteous.

The universal aspect of God which is the universal power that is available throughout the universe for any being to tap into, can also be known as The Force. There is no dark side or light side to The Force. The Force is neutral. What differentiates between light side and dark side is the intent of the user. The Force is where the Devil get his power from. He uses the universal power just like evil man use the tools of nature for evil purposes. God allows the Devil and evil man to carry out their actions, but he does frustrates their ability to use their power at times when it is his will to do so.

As an expression of His perfect essence, God chose to create beings that express the nature of spirit which is self consciousness and possesing free will. He wanted his highest created beings to express themselves toward Him in a positive attitude from choice and not as a programmed robot. God’s sovereignty created spirit beings with volition but that volition is always subjected to his sovereignty.

A volitional creature may only do what God permits. This does not refer to ability but right. He will never stop our thinking, but He may stop the follow through of our thinking, such as by stopping the actions. A volitional creature must bow to the consequences God establishes for deviation from His standards. God permitted volition in the angelic and earthly realms. That is why both Man and Angel are able to do what they choose to with the power they were given.

Man is given the power of free will by God to choose. The only true activity of free will is in thinking. Man chooses what to think and chooses by thinking. To choose consciously is to have conscious thinking. Only when we are aware of our thoughts and our ability to choose them can we be conscious in our thinking. God is always leading, we can choose whether to follow or not according to the thoughts that we think in harmony or out of harmony with the universal mind.
Most people are unconscious about the choices they are making in life and are unaware of the role their thoughts play in creating the reality they experience. As a result, they are unconsciously creating their reality and the things that happen in it in subjection to the influence of other more conscious entities whether evil or benevolent. This is the order of life, the more intelligent will always rule over the less intelligent. By intelligence, we don’t mean intellectual function. We mean Awareness.

Self knowledge is needed to discover and embrace your own destiny. Past mental conditioning can positively or negatively affect the choices that you make and the path you take in life. Destiny is God working in us and through us to fulfill our purpose, but it takes our free will to choose what we will or will not do ultimately. Destiny is in God’s hands, and it is in ours as well. The work is his, the choice is ours. Knowing self comes from knowing God.
The Devil is the enemy of God. He opposes God because God the trinity prevents him from becoming equal with God. He wants to change reality through the power of collective consciousness by making as many people as possible ignorant about the true God.

The irony is that the Devil’s greatest strategy is in doing the opposite. By bringing Man the greatest amount of awareness, he is able to make them ignorant of the true God to the greatest extent. How is such a great paradox possible?

Herein lies the secret of the mystery. The Devil is actually Lucifer, the Angel of Light who was once the anointed Cherub covering God’s throne. But he sinned by wanting to exalt himself to be equal with God. His wrong thinking and ignorance caused his fall from heaven and now he has made himself an enemy against God. Lucifer wants to be God in the minds of men. The name Lucifer means Bringer of Light. Lucifer brings lots of light, truth, knowledge and awareness to Man but he uses it not to lead people to the real person of God but ultimately to himself. This is how he keeps Man in ultimate ignorance of the True Person of God so that he can show himself as God instead.

The ultimate deception is that there is no need to believe in Jesus Christ as the savior and Son of God who died for the sins of humanity in order to receive eternal life. This results in the ultimate suffering of eternal damnation in Hell because of the sin of unbelief. The only sin is the sin of unbelief.

Your role as a man or woman is to choose. Choose to belief in Jesus Christ as the Son of God and savior who died for your sins so that you shall not perish but have eternal life. The work of salvation is a gift from God. You have to choose to receive it. Do not let the Devil deceive you from accepting it. Choose wisely.

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