Serve God by Realizing Christ as Your Higher Self

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Serve God by Realizing Christ as Your Higher Self

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

There are many people in this world that focus on the importance of love and being loving. But it is only those who pursue spiritual intelligence are those who can be truly loving. Loving with ignorance is the root cause of all evil, as many kill, destroy and do stupid things all in the name of love. Whereas loving with awareness is the root cause of all good. One who is spiritually intelligent knows that to love others is to love oneself. Only when you know the true nature of reality can you love with proper love.

There is no such thing as selflessness in the truest sense because there is nothing other than self. The Self is All there is. In the beginning there was One. The One was living infinite being and pure consciousness. It was the Self. That Self is your original nature and true essence. That Self differentiated into the many in order to experience itself as different forms and perspectives. Your true Self is not just your individual soul and body. Who you really are is the entire universe. All that exists is your Total Self.

Serve God by realizing Christ as your Higher Self. Christ is nothing to you unless there is a concept of you. When Christ is yours, he becomes an extension of your self. Your personal consciousness of your self identity or ego is an aspect of your Total Self. Just like there are multiple personalities within a person’s consciousness, the universe consists of multiple personalities within the God Mind.

Attaining Christ Consciousness means having an expanded sense of self to include the whole universe. The family is an extension of self and the country is an extension of self. Man’s environment is an extension of his physical body. The state of your environment affects the state of your mood. That is because you and your environment are one. Take care of your environment and you take care of your self. Harm your environment and you harm your self. The greatest good of all is the greatest good of you.

Unenlightened Christians condemn enlightened Christians for acting in selfish ways or not being selfless and loving. It is actually those Christians who are selfish and not being truly loving themselves. They are being selfish for protecting their own spiritual ego and not seeing past themselves to know what is true. It is often those who think they are more spiritual than others who are the least spiritual. To pursue spiritual intelligence more than love is the most loving thing one can do, because true love is wise.

Enlightened Christians know that following the principle of non interference can be the best way to help others sometimes. When we take away the lesson from which they can grow, we destroy their ability to rely on their own strength. We have to become their god instead because they now depend on us for salvation of their needs. A well meaning but foolish person helped a butterfly break from its chrysalis. But in so doing, killed the butterfly instead because it couldn’t develop the strength needed for flight.

To love with wisdom is to truly love. People who seek to change the world without wisdom often make it even worse. Much of the great work of charitable and government organizations do with tremendous sums of money to solve big problems in this world, actually create more of the same problems. That is because the true problem is not caused by lack of money and therefore money cannot solve it. The root of problem is in the consciousness of those experiencing it, and unless it is changed, nothing will.

This is the topsy turvy state of the world. We tend to look at the size and amount of what other people give and think they give a lot, when what truly matters is the impact of their giving. There are some wise people who seem to give a little but yet their giving cause the greatest impact and contribute to the greatest good of humanity on the long run than all the big gifts of unwise people put together. The greatest act one can do is the act of non-doing, which is to do nothing that goes against the natural order.

For a person who realizes that the Self is God, there would be no need for anyone else to tell them to serve God, to surrender to God or to live for God. They would do for God because they are doing it for themselves. God is not something a part from us in another time and space. God is where we are, in the same time and space. All is God because All is One. When you take on the Mind of God as your own true mind, obedience becomes a non issue. It is because God’s will is realized as your true will.

We are all here to rediscover who we are and to know God. We have been given freewill to choose our own thoughts and beliefs. We can choose to know God as fully as we want to, or we can choose not to. Some people know God only halfway even though they think they know God fully. It’s because they still identify God as a separate being from themselves. Those who choose to know God to the fullness realize God as their Self. There is no one else but God. To know God fully is to know our Self fully.

We are all personal aspects of God. We are literally God in form or God in the flesh. We are meant to give our help where we naturally have love for, because that is the part we have chosen by our higher self to play in this universe. Follow your heart because it is programmed with the instructions of your specific purpose in this dimension. Love that which you have love for and let others love what they have love for. Play your unique part as God here.

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