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You Can Program Anything in Reality

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

You can program anything you create in your reality. Since all creation is mental, the thing which you create carries the energies of your thoughts when it was constructed.

Just like you can program your subconscious mind, you can also program anything that you want to influence. The programming command is created by your consciousness, which is the Programming Authority and the Seat of the Will.

When you program your body to function in certain ways or to possess certain characteristics, it is your subconscious mind that is carrying out the programming command sent from your conscious mind.

When you program anything else in your reality, your subconscious transfers your command to Universal Consciousness which is the invisible field of Energy that connects to everything in the universe. Universal Consciousness then acts out your programmed command in the object, entity or force that you have directed it to.

The process of programming is Consciousness >> Subconscious >> Superconscious >> The thing to be programmed.

This understanding is the basis that explains the theory of programming psi balls in psionics, which is the study of psychic abilities. A psi ball is a psychically created construct through the act of bringing your hands together slightly apart and imagining a ball of energy building up between them. Concentrate on it becoming more intense and feel a sense of tingling in your palms and fingertips as bioelectrical currents emanate from each hand and mix together.

Creating a psi ball is like miming. You can even mime yourself holding a basketball and achieve the same effect.

Although all these is taking place purely through the will and imagination of you mind, you must understand that anything that is mentally created is very real indeed. Whatever that is constructed in your mind has very real power over reality. The energies of the mental plane exist at higher vibrations than current scientific devices can perceive, but part of it manifest physically through the sensation of tingling and electromagnetic force between your palms and fingertips.

The more you imagine, the more real it becomes.

Once you have created a psi ball, you can then program it to do whatever you want it to do. One of the ways you can use it is to send a telepathic message to someone. You simply concentrate on the thought or idea you want to send while holding the psi ball, and then after awhile you release the psi ball into the air by pulling your hands apart. This disperses the energy into the Universal Field to be carried across to your target.

You can also send an emotion by feeling it yourself and it will mingle with the psi ball.

You can send your dreams, desires and aspirations to Universal Consciousness by experiencing them in your imagination and releasing them through a psi ball into the atmosphere to become one with reality. Many people do this naturally and unknowingly in one form or another by bringing their hands together while thinking of their idea or vision as if holding it before them and then spreading them apart as if to release it into the world so that it will be realized.

The right kind of energy to put into the psi ball is a balanced kind. You must have a relaxed and confident expectation that your desire will manifest. Do not try too hard or you will generate an unconscious fear of not getting the object. This kind of energy will program the psi ball to manifest the opposite of your desired reality. It would be better to put it out of your mind after releasing the psi ball. If you keep having it in your mind, you would be attached to it and hence prevent yourself from maintaining a vibration of peace. When there is no attachment, there is no resistance. Put it out of your conscious mind. Stop thinking about it. Stop all thoughts about it. This is what meditation does. Meditation is thought control. It focuses your thoughts single-mindedly on something, or it stops all thoughts. When you stop all thoughts, you also stop resistant thoughts.

Creating psi ball is a skill. The more you use it, the more powerful it becomes.

Evidence that you can program things in your environment can be found in Dr Emoto’s work on Water. He discovered that water responds to our thoughts.

When labels of positive words such as love and gratitude were attached to bottles of water, the crystals formed from freezing was beautiful, coherent and clear. When labels of negative words such as hate and death were used, the crystals form were unsightly, chaotic and murky.

The same effect on water was created when a person or group of people concentrate thoughts toward it as well. This shows that material things respond to our consciousness. Everything in the universe is made of energy which is vibration. Everything vibrates and we affect the vibration of things around us. Our very thoughts can affect the molecules of the physical things around us.

Emoto said that when a wave of negative energy is created, it takes an equal and opposite wave of positive energy to neutralize it. Good always overcomes evil on the mental plane, and the mental plane rules the physical plane.

Creating psi ball is not the only way. You can also program reality through affirmation and visualization.

Everything that exist in your reality is created by you. All reality is your reality, hence you can program anything in reality.

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