Gratitude is Needed for Completion of Experience

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Gratitude is Needed for Completion of Experience

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

An attitude of gratitude will speed you through your growth and success faster than any amount of hard work can. It is because gratitude completes the cycle of knowing. You cannot fully know what is without knowing what is not. What you want and what you don’t want are opposite sides of the same thing. It is in the moments of absence that you recognize and appreciate the moments of presence. You may hate being separated from your desire, but you’re still dealing with the essence which is the desire.

When you are grateful for what you both like and don’t like, you are released from having to experience what you don’t like. That is because what you don’t like is for the purpose of giving you greater appreciation of what you like. When you resist the experience of what you don’t like, you miss the gift that it has to offer and therefore it will continue to happen again until you realize the good about it. To be truly grateful about a thing is to be grateful for both the experience of it being present as well as absent.

Gratitude completes the cycle of knowing. The feeling of gratitude is the acceptance of something as part of your total and divine nature. The universal mind of all knowing has both the experience of the presence of a thing as well as the absence of it. To be grateful for both experiences is to accept them as part of your all knowing self. It is to embrace all parts of your self and being one with all things. Rejecting the absence of a thing would prevent you from being able to fully appreciate or know its presence.

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