Completion Brings Peace and Greater Happiness

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Completion Brings Peace and Greater Happiness

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

Do you find yourself having many things that need to be dealt with? Do you feel that you cannot rest until everything is settled? Do you wonder how did you end up in such a mess of clutter? The reason is because you have left too many things uncompleted. Life is meant to be lived one experience at a time. When you leave one experience before it is properly completed and move on to the next, you would find that its shadow has now overlapped into your new experience. Run away from it and it runs to you.

The truth is you can never run away from anything at all because it is all inside you. The external reality is a projection from your inner consciousness. Where you go, you carry the essence of the situation with you. If you go to another place, you project that situation again in the new place. The way to end something is to do whatever that needs to be done about it. Every experience is for a purpose of spiritual growth. It contains a gift which is the lesson. Once you have the lesson, the experience can leave.

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