Mental Atmosphere of People, Things and Places

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Mental Atmosphere of People, Things and Places

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

You know that you are conscious. But how do you know that something else is conscious? When something else is conscious, it thinks and feels. You know that other people, animals and plants are conscious because you can psychically perceive their thoughts and feelings emanating from them. You can sense their mental projections and their emotional vibrations. This is how you know the consciousness that is over here, is also the same consciousness that is over there.

Every person has a mental atmosphere around him that he creates with his thoughts and feelings. The mental atmosphere is also his aura of energy that emanates from his being. When a group of people come together, they form a collective mental atmosphere which is a mixture of the consciousness of every person in the group. The mental atmosphere of people existing in a certain place for a certain time, forms the mental atmosphere of the place itself.

The mental atmosphere of a person is a combination of his current thoughts and feelings and also the sum of thoughts and feelings he has been experiencing all along. You can sense a person’s present state as well as the past that he has been experiencing in his life. When you come into the presence of another person, without even saying a word, you are able to know a lot about them based on their mental atmosphere.

We are automatically drawn to certain people whose mental atmosphere resonates with our own. We are able to connect and relate with them quickly and easily. A person’s mental atmosphere is his power of attraction. The thoughts and feelings we project attract certain people to us and repel others away. We find ourselves drawn together with others who resonate with how we think and feel everywhere we go.

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