Reincarnation is Return of Soul Information

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Reincarnation is Return of Soul Information

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

There are people who believe that reincarnation is the process by which a human being is reborn into the physical world after having died. They believe that the soul of the person leaves behind memories of the past life in the unconscious mind, but takes with them characteristics and personality traits into the new life. So a person doesn’t only live once, but lives several lifetimes through cycles of birth and rebirth. But the truth about reincarnation can be realized by understanding the two aspects of the soul.

The soul of a human being has two aspects which are the active and the passive aspect. The active aspect of the soul is the intelligence or self awareness of the person. The passive aspect of the soul is the memories, data and information of the person. After death, the active aspect of the soul transitions to the nonphysical realm. It will eventually come before the judgment seat and after that heaven or hell. It does not get reincarnated into the physical world. It is the passive aspect of the soul that returns.

When a person dies, the intelligence of their soul will pass on to the higher realms. But their life information and characteristic will be reintegrated into the collective unconscious mind of humanity and those information and characteristics will be imputed to a new soul that is born into the physical world. The reason is because, the unconscious of the previous soul is still seeking expression in certain ways and it is given new chances to do so through a new person in new a combination of conditions.

God or Original Consciousness seeks to express its possibilities sequentially and that is why it created the physical world. It is for the purpose of consciousness to know infinite power in a place of limitation. Original Consciousness projected an aspect of itself as Man to know itself as totality. The tree of life is a metaphysical system of enlightenment that was meant for Man to realize God fully

Down through history, humanity is evolving in consciousness through reintegration of past consciousness and being given the chance to realize God fully.

It is said that when a person becomes enlightened, his consciousness escapes the cycle of birth and rebirth and doesn’t need to be reincarnated. It is true in a sense that his soul’s data does not need to be reintegrated into humanity and imputed into new human beings that are born. That is because he/she has already completed his/her cycle(s) of experience in the Earth Realm and the soul is ready to move on in its evolution. But whether a person becomes enlightened or not, his active intelligence would not return to physical living.

The reason why a person has soul connections with specific individuals in the past and is even able to remember their past through hypnosis is because they have an ancestral link with those individuals. The memories are not actually from their past lives, but they are obtained by tapping into the collective unconscious of humanity’s past memories. The ancestral link is the result of characteristic and personality traits of related souls being passed on to us as part of our life’s purpose in the present life.

The personality does not reincarnate. Each personality is a new creation and will continue its own development in other dimensions once it leaves physical existence. It is the inner self that choose reincarnations by creating new personalities and impressing portions of mental and karmic patterns from past personalities into the new one. The inner self “reincarnates” in this manner as part of continuing the evolution of consciousness in the universal scheme of things. The “you” that you now know yourself to be will continue in other dimensions of existence after departure from the physical plane. The uniqueness of individual personality is not manifested temporarily only to be erased from existence but is preserved in this manner.

All sin is the result of Ego thinking. Fear, jealousy, hatred, greed and dishonesty is all based on serving his individuated consciousness alone and not realizing his total reality of holistic and universal existence. Ego thinking is separation from God consciousness.

As consciousness keeps reintegrating itself and evolving over time, humanity will reach a point of mass enlightenment. That is the time when third dimension will start shifting into fourth dimension because the planet is awakening to the true nature of reality. It would also signify the end of the world as physicality would no longer need to exist the way it is.

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