Strength of Intent Determines Attracting Power

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Strength of Intent Determines Attracting Power

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

In using the law of attraction to manifest our desire, it is the strength of intent that determines our attracting power. Some of us make the mistake of having weak intention when intending with detachment. When we detach, it means we let go of the outcome so that we do not freeze the process of manifestation but allow it to happen freely. But we are still strongly intent on a particular outcome to happen. This combination of concentrated and relaxed attitude allows our desire to manifest powerfully and freely.
In business and relationship or any situation that involves the co-intentions of two or more parties, the strength of intent determines the attracting power of each individual. One is the seller or giver and the other is the buyer or receiver. When the seller simply hopes that someone will come along and buy, he sends out a weak thought form and weak vibration. There may be potential buyers with equally weak buying thought form and it is unlikely that both parties will be powerful enough to attract each other.
However, there might be a person who have a strong intent about what they want, are consciously making use of the law of attraction, and strongly believe in the outcome of finding and buying their ideal choice. The strong vibrations of the buyer, may be strong enough to reach out and be attracted to the weak vibrations of the seller, and they will soon be in communication with the seller and enter into negotiations, the outcome of which favors the buyer, because the seller has no other interested parties.
When the seller strongly intends that people will buy what he has to offer, then he will attract many weak vibration buyers and have the upper hand in the negotiations. If both buyer and seller project strong thought form vibrations, then they would both attract a wide variety of choices and buyers respectively and thereby ensuring the best possible deal. All of this activity takes place in the Universal Mind, which is also the collective subconscious minds, with each participant as the focal point of attraction.

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