Desire Force and Belief in God Creates Miracles

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Desire Force and Belief in God Creates Miracles

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

There are times when things seem so down and you feel that everything is against you. That is when calling upon the power of a higher divinity might be of help. There are higher forces in the universe that are ready to help you when you call upon them. You are not alone in this world. There are beings of power willing to assist you when you most need them to. This is a greater community and help is never too far away

Personal connection is where you are relating with the Personal Aspect of God. You know that He is your Father and is there listening to you. This personal awareness lets you know there is a loving force. God is not just some impersonal entity up there that doesn’t care about your personal needs or troubles. God manifests as a divine personality. You can know that this personality loves you and cares for you personally.

Prayer is the soul’s sincere desire unuttered or unexpressed. It is the motion of a hidden fire that trembles in the breasts. Real prayer is prayer with feeling. When you pray without feeling, you are just praying vain repetition of words. A short prayer with intense feeling has greater power than long prayer of many words. In the science of manifestation, emotional yearning creates a miracle. Often when there is a great need felt for something, the supply comes quickly. You can cry out to God and he hears.

There is a reason why Jesus said that certain things can only happen by prayer and fasting. That is because the manifestation of a certain vision depends on whether the desire for it is strong enough. When you fast, you feel hunger, and that hunger is a feeling of desire. That feeling of desire is being felt when you pray and can be linked with the thing you are praying for. When you eat and are full, you are feeling satisfied. You hardly feel much desire force when you pray from such a state. Fasting helps by creating a feeling of desire that comes from a state of hunger. Of course you may pray without fasting if you can generate the feeling of desire strongly enough for what you pray for. Fasting is just a form that helps to create a certain state. The essence is the feeling of desire that is sufficiently strong for effective and fervent prayer.

Believe in the grace of God. Grace is unmerited and unearned favor. Right now it doesn’t matter what you did or didn’t do. If you think that you can or cannot get what you want because of your self efforts, then it isn’t grace but flesh. You wouldn’t need to call upon divine grace when you could get what you want by your own actions already. In divine grace, there are no mistakes. Bad circumstances can be turned around through miraculous ways. You must believe in grace in order to receive undeserved result.

Believe in the power of His Word. The Word of God itself has power, but when you put your faith in it, its power becomes active for you. The Word of God says that itself is quick and powerful. Do not just think about the Word of God but be conscious and aware of its power. Your perception of a thing brings out its corresponding effect that you will experience. See the good in people and you will experience good from them. Therefore be conscious of the Power of the Word that truly exists within itself for use.

The Word says that as He is, so are you in this world. That means that you have all the fullness, nature and power of God in this physical time-space reality. See yourself as who you really are which is powerful, abundant and well. You are limitless and all sufficient in your true state. As you are, so is your world. All higher manifestations come from a place of Being. You cannot have what you are not Being. Both inner and outer worlds are one. You have the power to command all the forces of the universe.

You can still believe in the power of God when you are starting to doubt your own power. The reason why there seems to be a duality between your own power and the power of some outside force apart from you, is so that you never run out of options. If you do not believe in the power of an outside source, you can believe in your own power. If you do not believe in your own power, you can believe in the power of an outside source. The situation of powerlessness is when you do not believe in any power.

You shall find God when you seek him with all your heart. The reason why God doesn’t exist in full manifestation automatically for you is because you create your own reality. You are the one that determines how much of God you experience. The intensity of your intent determines the strength of its manifestation. The movement of Spirit is the immense inner forces of your soul, the subconscious mind. God is an inner experience. You have to feel your way to God. Let your seeking be feeling and emotion.

It is ok to have some fear when you have desire because desire and fear are opposite polarities of the same thing. When you do not desire something strongly enough, you have no fear. Magnetism creates attracting and repulsion forces. Do not worry about your fear. As long as your attracting force is stronger than your resisting force, you will still pull what you want towards you. No desires equals no fear. It is the counter intuitive truth that when you desire strongly even with some fear, it can still come.

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