Four Universal Elements of Manifestation Success

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Four Universal Elements of Manifestation Success

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

There are four universal elements involved in magic or manifestation. The universe is made up of four universal elements which are wind, water, earth and fire. They are also the elements of creation. Therefore in your work of reality creation, these four elements must be used for your manifestation to be complete. The reason for any failure of manifestation is only because of misalignment in any of these elements. Four is the number of creation. The more you know about the universe, the better you can create.

The first element which is wind represents intention. Wind or air is the mental plane of reality. It is the plane of pure information or data. In using the element of wind, you are dealing with pure thought. In this realm, you can use visualization, affirmation and pure intent which can also be referred to as goal setting. These three activities take place on the mental plane. You can use any of these three or all of them together. Have an intent or goal to achieve, visualize the outcome and affirm that it is materialized.

The second element which is water represents emotion. Water is the emotional or astral plane of reality. It is the plane of desire. Whatever you feel manifests first on this plane. In this realm, you can use the act of generating emotion for manifestation. This is where you get the feeling of having already attained your desire. Energy is needed for creation and your feeling is the energy. Feelings of peace, joy and gratitude provides the energy for manifesting like conditions. Your feeling is resonance and attraction.

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