You are Equally Valid and Legitimate as God Is

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You are Equally Valid and Legitimate as God Is

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

There is nothing more pompous than false humility. Many people who consider themselves truth seekers and spiritual are filled with it. They often use religious terms to express themselves. They will say, “I am nothing, but the spirit of God moves through me, and if I do any good it is because of God’s spirit and not my own,” or, “I have no ability of my own. Only the power of God has any ability.” But all these statements aren’t entirely true and are actually more disempowering than empowering to use them.

You are the power of God manifested. You are not powerless, to the contrary. Through your being the power of God is strengthened, for you are a portion of what He is. You are not simply an insignificant, inactive lump of clay through which He decides to show Himself. You are not the clay but you are the spirit of God. It is a mistake to identify yourself as the mortal aspect of existence which most so called spiritual people have been deceived to do so. You are to identify yourself as the divine aspect of it.

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