Physical Body is Outward Expression of Thought

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Physical Body is Outward Expression of Thought

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

Our whole bodies are nothing more than the outward expression of our thought. Education teaches us we should have a cold or fever when we are drenched in the rain, so we have a cold or fever. We are told that something we ate is indigestible, and so we are immediately assailed with pains. We see another yawn, and we have the impulse to yawn as well. In the same way, when we hear of sickness all around us and visualize it in our own minds with fear, we too have it. Sickness doesn’t come, we create it.

The fear of these things brings them about through the mental suggestion sent to our subconscious minds. We have been educated in a medical age to think that most diseases are infectious or contagious. So the mere sight of a diseased person makes most of us withdraw into ourselves like a turtle within its shell. We fear that we shall catch it, when one of the greatest dangers of disease is the very fear of it. There are people in the midst of contagious disease without catching any because they fear not.

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