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Real Contribution - Make money Doing what you Love

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

In this world, there are two categories of people who make money in society. One is the contributors and the other is the resellers. The contributors are the ones who create real value for society while the resellers are the ones who make use of the value created by the contributors to profit from. Because they leverage on the work done by others instead of doing any real work of their own, they are seemingly able to make a lot more money in a shorter amount of time than the contributors.
This is the lazy man’s way to success. It might seem an intelligent way to make money, but is there really true genius in it at all? The only way for someone to find value to profit from is for someone else to create the value first. The contributors are the ones who have true genius in the work they do, not the resellers. Because of market deficiencies, contributors may not be as well compensated as resellers in financial terms. That is why the highest paid profession in the world is marketing.
This world is a marketplace. Money makes the world go round. People will only do good if there is financial incentives to be gained. The system of the world is flawed because human nature is flawed. Everyone is naturally self serving and focusing on material gains rather than the bigger order of the universe. We are being marketed lots of things that we don’t really need. Through the power of marketing, the masses of consumers are influenced to spend money that they obtained from doing real work in exchange for products and services that do not contain full value of what they pay for, in order for large corporations and businesses to profit from and control society.
This is how the wealth of the world moves into the hands of the elite few. Those who have the gold make the rules. Those in power don’t really care about contributing real value to society but in exploiting real work done by the masses and profiting from them. Money is a neutral tool that has been manipulated by the human elite, the ones who seek to rule over humanity in servitude of the higher angelic powers of darkness.

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