Mind and Spirit are One and the Same

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Mind and Spirit are One and the Same

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

Mind needs substance to exist as. Spirit is the Essence of Consciousness and the Substance of Mind. Spirit is Mind, because spirit is intelligent. Both words are therefore synonymous. Mind and Spirit are one and the same. We all exist as spirit and we all exist as mind.

Mind is Spirit. Spirit is Mind.

Most people are confused because they are trapped by partial viewpoints about what the mind is. When they refer to the mind, they are refering to the intellect, the linguistic, the reason or any faculties that are only certain aspects of the mind.

The heart, the emotion, the feeling is also the mind. The intuition and the instinct is the mind. The autonomic system of the body is the mind. The soul, the entire psyche, the will and desire, the conscious and the subconscious, anything you can think of in this aspect is also the mind.

They are all mental. The mind is all these things together. The mind is the whole.

We differentiate between the mind and spirit with the word. The word pierces into the dividing asunder between soul and spirit, bone and marrow. We use language to separate inseparable things in order to describe them. The soul is made of spirit and the bone is made of marrow. The mind is spirit and the bone is marrow.

The mind exist as the higher mind and the lower mind. They are both the mind. The higher mind and lower mind is our higher self and lower self. The lower mind is the Ego, the higher mind is the Inner Man within us or the Higher Ego.

The higher mind is in tune with the universal mind. When we access our higher mind, we are accessing the universal mind. The universal mind is higher intelligence.

Intuition and intellect may be different on one level of understanding, but on another level, intuition is actually higher intellect. It is intellect that is above the ordinary level because it comes directly from higher intelligence.

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