The Kind of Consciousness Needed for Manifesting

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The Kind of Consciousness Needed for Manifesting

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

Manifestation requires the correct kind of consciousness for it to happen. When you know the different points of consciousness that is needed, you are able to manifest properly. Each of the points contributes to the overall workings of the manifestation. A fuller consciousness will bring about a fuller manifestation. The reason why some of the things you want to manifest seem incomplete is because of the areas where your consciousness falls short. It is your beliefs that make up your entire consciousness.

When you get results, attribute everything back to the metaphysical more than the physical. The secret of successful people is in their consciousness more than action. They may not talk about their consciousness when attributing the secrets of their success because they may be largely unconscious of it. That is why they seem to imply that it’s their actions that get the success. But actions are merely a conduit by which consciousness works through. The real secret is how their consciousness operates.

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