Complete Manifestation Requires Full Alignment

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Complete Manifestation Requires Full Alignment

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

Your world is created by your thoughts, your feelings, your words, your actions. To be able to manifest what you want you will have to think about what you want not about what you don’t want, feel good about what you want speak right about what you want, take action towards what you want. When all thought, feeling, words and actions are in alignment, your desire will manifest a lot faster and more completely. Being out of alignment in any one of these areas always impede your manifestation in some form.

Notice that the order begins with thought and ends with action. The path of effortless manifestation is by starting with the first area and following through to the last instead of taking a bottom up approach. Start with the first three instead of starting with action. If you have the first three in alignment, your actions are going to be effortless. Most people focus so much on action and wonder why it is so hard to achieve the results they want. The truth is that it’s only inspired action that gets you the results you want.

Energy flows the easiest way, so give it a path by thinking and visualizing what you want. While you’re doing that, if it’s really what you want, you are going to feel good about it. When you feel good about something your words are naturally going to be good about it. When you speak well about something, the actions that follow from this flow of positive energy are unstoppable. This is the secret of inspired action. It results from having the first three in total alignment. It’s natural action that’s part of the flow.

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