Way of Invincibility - Put Yourself Beyond Defeat

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Way of Invincibility - Put Yourself Beyond Defeat

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

People think that no one can be invincible. They believe that everyone can be defeated in one way or another, no matter how powerful they are. Therefore they think it is impossible to be invincible. But the truth is, invincibility is possible if you believe it is. It’s true that everyone can be defeated, but there’re those who have made themselves virtually undefeatable by following the way of invincibility. There is a way to be invincible and when you discover and follow it, you won’t be defeated even though you can be.

You can make yourself invincible by playing only to your own strengths. It doesn’t matter how many different strategies and tools there are to use. You only need to make use of those that work best for you. It is foolishness of others when they think that you are not a master when you are not good at using many strategies and tools other than your own. Some of the most powerful masters in the world may only use one or two strategies or tools to defeat everyone else soundly. Invincibility is the simple way.

You can make yourself invincible by engaging only when it is advantageous to you. Who is to say that you must fight every battle that appears before you? Who is to say that you must take on every challenge? People who think like that are not the wisest and that is why they open themselves to defeat no matter how powerful they are. You create your reality and the kinds of challenges that come your way are created by you in the first place. Therefore you can choose to create and engage to your advantage.

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