Letting Your Emotions Flow Freely for Wellbeing

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Letting Your Emotions Flow Freely for Wellbeing

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

Your chakra or energy centers of your being radiate streams of energy in motion that correspond to the chakras functions. These e-motions are specific to the time of the experience. When you feel love for someone or from someone, your forth chakra which is the heart center increases its rotation and vibration. It radiates love emotion within the heart region. All emotions are in-the-moment. You can let the emotion flow fully to its completion and accept and own it, while you’re watching with detachment.

You can also try to suppress it or disown it, or you can get all entangled in it and lose your presence. When you allow the emotion to flow freely, you live fully in the moment and it is complete. No blockages develop and the full lesson is learnt or the full joy experienced. The chakra remains healthy and even grows from the experience. But when you try to suppress it, you cause a blockage. You did not express your emotion. Such an instance may happen when someone does something you do not like.

You may experience an emotion of anger or annoyance at that time. You may want to scold the person or do something about it. But you decided not to do anything because you erroneously thought it’s wrong to be angry or that it doesn’t matter. This is how a blockage is developed. If you had allowed your anger to be experienced for its own purpose, you would have released it and are then able to move past it. By withholding expression, it stays with you because it was not able to complete itself fully.

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