Neuroscience - Science of Physical Aspect of Mind

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Neuroscience - Science of Physical Aspect of Mind

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

In order to understand the workings of the mind from a holistic and integrative point of view, we also need to look into the physiological and biological aspects of it.

Neuroscience is the umbrella term that incorporates all the related subjects that study the brain and the nervous system which is basically the extension of the brain’s communication network infrastructure. Neurology, neurosurgery, neurotechnology and other neuro-related subjects fall under the category of neuroscience.

Every function of the mind has it’s organic member (the brain) to carry it out. The mind is spiritual while the brain is its physical counter part. Every thought that we think causes the corresponding neurons to fire off signals across synapses resulting in brain activities and neuromuscular events.

So the better the state of your brain is, the better your mind can function in physical reality. The same is vice versa. Mind affects brain, brain affects mind. But of the two, the mind is the superior one. Simply because the mind has the higher power of causality. The physical level of reality is always subject to the intents of the spiritual level of reality.

Every neurological disorder has its roots in psychological conditions. But the problem with the field of psychiatry is that they have most of their diagnosis of the mind/brain relationship the other way round. And that’s where alot of false information and ineffective methods of dealing with mental life, originates from.

When you’re looking to drugs as the solution, you’re not looking at the real issue of the problem which is usually something psychospiritual rather than something purely biological. Taking drugs to suppress what your body is signaling to you through negative symptoms, is simply just a way of temporality masking the problems.

The reason why side effects occur even severe ones when a person takes psychiatric drugs is because the body is rejecting such chemicals as it is trying to bring to awareness certain problems in a person’s life that he needs to deal with and not escape by taking drugs.

The worst case is when a patient has to spend a lifetime of medication and never getting to face the real issue which he should confront and deal with in order to learn and grow from it.

The best way to deal with any situation is always from a holistic way, and in the right order as well. When you work with a situation from a higher level, it may be resolved long before even needing to proceed to the lower levels.

Having the awareness of how interrelated things affect one another from both sides is the power of total perspective. Always remember, the mind is above the brain. 

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