Creating from Void is Source of All Creation

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Creating from Void is Source of All Creation

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

We are taught to look at the success capability of people based on their track record, proven systems and past achievements. Those criteria help us to know how their level of qualification in the work that they do. It may seem like a good way to base our judgments of a person’s success ability upon, but the problem occurs when we use that same way to judge our own success ability. When we do not have those criteria or are inadequate in them, we disqualify ourselves from creating what we desire to.

Using past achievements to determine success ability alone is flawed. Confidence should be based upon the idea that  you are capable of doing something, not because you have already done it. If confidence comes from having already done something, then you probably would never even get started. All successful people did not have all those past achievements to base their success ability upon when they first started. The only thing that they needed to qualify themselves to act was their desire to do so.

Every new achievement and advancement that you see in the physical world first did not exist at all. There was no existing model to duplicate or prove the certainty of its success. It began as an idea in the mind of the inventor or the creator. In fact, all things in creation first existed as ideas alone. Everything exists as pure potentiality. It is through the field of pure potential that processes spring forth to manifest physical things. This is the essence of success, it is based on potential and not on achievement.

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