Dual Divinity - Inverse Reality of Heaven and Earth

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Dual Divinity - Inverse Reality of Heaven and Earth

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

There has always been this question that if God requires us to believe in his Son Jesus Christ to be saved in order to enter into heaven for eternity, then why is it that he allows Satan to deceive much more people away from him instead of compelling more people to be saved instead? Wouldn’t God end up with a lot less people with him in heaven while much more are in hell? Well the answer to this mystery is found in understanding the higher purpose that earth was created for in response to heaven’s event.

There was a time in heaven where God existed with all his angels in perfect glory and harmony. All the angels worshiped and gave glory to The Lord who is The Most High among them. But then there came a time where the one angel who was next to The Most High in glory started questioning the word of The Most High. This angel was Helel/Lucifer who was full of wisdom and perfect in beauty. He reasoned that all other beings could be like The Most High and therefore he sought to change heaven’s state.

At first Lucifer felt that he was the only one in heaven who perceived this higher truth of God. He believed that he was the first to awaken and now his purpose was to spread this awareness to the other Sons of God to awaken them as well. What Lucifer perceived wasn’t a higher truth that The Most High had hidden, but it was his own corruption of his wisdom by reasoning about his own glory that created a delusion. This delusion was the higher truth that Lucifer spread to all the angels of heaven as well.

Using the perception of subjective reality, Lucifer reasoned that there was only one consciousness in every individual being of the universe. Therefore there was no need to acknowledge a particular being as The Most High or to worship it as so. He believed that The Lord is an aspect of himself that had the highest place within his consciousness, but that he himself could ascend into that place as well if he willed to do so. In order to do so, he had to free all other aspects of himself to this possibility.

Since consciousness is a collective whole, you can create something for yourself by wishing it for everyone else as well. In order to experience wealth, you have to wish wealth for everybody and not just for some people. You have to wish happiness, freedom, love and anything good that you desire for everyone else if you wish it for yourself because everyone is a part of your consciousness. The universe makes up your total self. That is why Lucifer sought to enlighten Godhood for every other being in heaven.

The difference between original Godhood and Lucifer’s new version of Godhood is that, in original Godhood everyone is part of God but The Lord is the highest of all. Whereas in Lucifer’s version, everyone can be like The Most High and this displaces the sovereignty of The Lord. This half truth and half error is the essence of Satan’s doctrine about Godhood although in Satan’s perspective, it is the Lord whose perception is half true and half false. This battle of will between two perspectives is the split.

When there was one perspective of Godhood, now there are two. There was a fight of reason and perception within consciousness for a period of nonlinear time which could have spanned eons until finally Lucifer managed to win one third of heaven’s angels to his point of view. The two sides had made up their mind what their stance was, and so there came the great battle where Lucifer led his side to challenge the power of The Most High. It turned out that Lucifer lost and his side was removed from heaven.

Lucifer wasn’t removed from heaven as a whole but only from certain planes and places in it. He was cast out of the highest realms into the lower ones. The Lord judged Satan and his angels for treason and sentenced them to the lake of fire for eternity but Satan appealed his case by stating how could a loving God cast his creatures into hell and still be loving. The Lord decided to use Lucifer’s accusation to prove the integrity of his character by creating Earth and Man with the angels witnessing the drama.

In heaven time was nonlinear, meaning events could happen in non sequential order. Beings could consider all possibilities before making a decision. Therefore when angels chose their stance of whose perspective to believe in, their decision was an eternal one. The Lord created physicality as a more confined dimension with the nature of time being linear so that Man who was created with lesser awareness, could make decisions and change them again and again until they die. Life on Earth is just a test.

It was a test to see if Man would choose to believe God or Satan. As above so below, the same scenario that occurred in heaven was now to be replicated on Earth. The difference this time was that God would make a way to spare those that sin against him from his judgment. He proved that a loving God could punish and still be loving by sending his Son Jesus Christ to die for the sins of humanity. Hence the world was divided into two sides, those who believed The Lord and those who believed not in him.

Satan deceives the whole world by his doctrine of Godhood being made available for all without need for worshiping a single most high personality. That is why the bible says that Satan is the god of this world. The reality of heaven and earth are inverse. In heaven, there are more beings believing The Lord is Most High because two third of the angels remained faithful. On the Earth, there’re more beings believing in God and the universe without recognizing The Lord as God Most High. This is the dual divinity.

This inverse reality is the reason why those of us Christians who believe in The Lord feel that there are so few of us who know the truth compared to the vast majority who don’t. It is the same way Satan felt when he first formulated his delusion in heaven. In heaven, Satan and his angels rebelled against the concept of God given by The Lord. On Earth, we rebel against the concept of God given by Satan. The difference between the two rebellions is that the first rebellion is unholy while the second is righteous.

God doesn’t worry that there will be less with him in heaven than those in hell. Earth was created as part of heaven’s plan. We are the second creation. This creation wouldn’t have been necessary if it wasn’t for what happened in the first. That is why people always feel we are part of a bigger picture. There are more with us among the stars than those who are not. Those of us who are in Christ together with the angels of The Most High will make a far greater company in heaven than those who are in hell.

Things tend to happen in inverse and paradoxical ways. In the physical plane, you have the opportunity to create a perfect astral/spiritual body. In the astral/spiritual plane, you have the opportunity to create a perfect physical body. You are more able to create a perfect body in another plane, than to create a perfect body in the plane you are in. That is because each plane provides the experiences and environment to create the perfect body in another plane. In the physical plane, you have physical experience to evolve your soul and spirit. In the astral/spiritual plane, you are able to form the blueprint of your physical body that will develop over time, and also pre-design your life-path to a certain extent while leaving space for freewill to make certain changes.

In one moment of eternity, there were Gods and three of them were the highest in status. God A, God B and God C. God B being an eternal being and existing in an eternal dimension could not perceive of a time when he didn’t exist. He started to question the hierarchy where God A was supreme. God C said that God A was the Ruler and Creator of all other Gods and that although in terms of time, the Gods could not conceive of a beginning and who came first, God A came first in terms of divine order and the other Gods exist because of His thoughts. God B believed that they all came into being by self manifesting and that they were all equal. He decided to challenge the authority and position of God A by gathering as many of the Gods as possible in a battle against the Gods that served God A. God B lost the fight and was cast out of the God Realm or Third Heaven and fell into the Universe or Second Heaven. God A decided to reveal Himself further as Creator by creating in a temporal dimension with temporal creatures in it. He allowed God B to turn these creatures against Him, and He further revealed Himself as Redeemer so that all will know Him as Lord of All and Savior of All. These are the identities of the three Gods: God A is Yahweh/Jesus (God of Gods). God B is Lucifer/Satan. God C is Michael the Archangel.

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