Forgiveness Connects You to Abundance and Flow

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Forgiveness Connects You to Abundance and Flow

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

Forgiveness is for yourself more than it is for the person you forgive. Forgiveness is about connecting back to abundance and flow. When someone has wronged you, they have taken something from you or withhold you from something. It creates an energetic response within you in regards to the situation. Forgiveness is doing the inner work that resolves the energetic response and therefore liberates you from the external situation. Forgiveness doesn’t do nothing because it has a literal effect on actual reality.

Quantum physics states that the observable world manifest by probability waves being collapse through the act of observation. The timeline of events are just a sequence of probability waves being collapsed at specific points to create the effect of a continuous experience. Probability waves are collapsed into space time events through the act of focusing the mind. But defocusing the mind causes the exact opposite to happen. Reality is not as fixed as we think because it’s fluid and so forgiveness changes it.

The more we hold on to an idea in mind, the more we perpetuate its existence in physical reality. When we let go of a past event, we free ourselves from its karmic effects and therefore allow synchronicities to arise in the present as though we were in an alternate timeline all along. Forgiveness is for the purpose of not holding reality in place and preventing change. People and situations can change if you allow them to. If you do not forgive, you are not allowing yourself to experience the change made in people.

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