Success Factors - Desire, Will and Intelligence

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Success Factors - Desire, Will and Intelligence

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

There are three core things that a person must possess to become a significant success in life. If he has not these three qualifications he will make but little progress. But fortunately any lacking quality can be evolved and if one does not possess any particular quality, his first work is to create it. These three things are an ardent desire, an iron will and an alert intelligence. These three qualifications essential to success and when you focus your mind on these three main things, you’ll become a big success.

Desire is the propelling force of nature that pushes everything forward in its evolution. It is desire that stimulates action. Without desire, one would do nothing and perish. The evolution of strength, skill and intelligence of a being is in proportion to the intensity of its desires. Desire not only induces activity that accomplishes a goal but also has its finer effects. Driven forward by desire to achieve a certain intent, a person develops, among other qualities, strength, courage, patience, endurance and intelligence.

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