Developing and Trusting Your Psychic Abilities

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Developing and Trusting Your Psychic Abilities

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

Psychic ability can be developed just like any other ability. Some people are born with superior psychic abilities just like there are those who’re born with superior physical abilities. But a person thinks they cannot have a particular ability just because they’re not born with it, then they wouldn’t work on developing it. When you realize that you are a being of unlimited potential, you can develop any ability if you really want it. Belief is the first step to psychic abilities because all spiritual powers operate upon faith.

The more you trust your feelings and intuition, the more they work for you. Notice that it’s often those who believe in their intuitive feelings and gut instincts, that have such things work for them more of the time. Those who often doubt their feelings and subtle perceptions about things tend to experience less hunches. When you trust in your feelings and intuition, you’re able to simply know stuff more often. It makes decision making a lot easier as you are able to receive clear signals about the right thing to do.

Intuition works by first impression. First thought is usually best thought. There is an instant perceptive information about a thing that comes from your subconscious mind in the first few moments of observing it, before your conscious mind has time to analyze it logically. Practice being aware of your first impression of an idea you have or a move that you make. Never discount any information you receive no matter how silly or trivial it may seem. You may later find out how it plays its part in the whole picture.

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