Different Levels of Reality Creating Control

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Different Levels of Reality Creating Control

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

Health, wealth and relationship are the three main areas of manifesting desires. Health is the easiest thing to create. That is because it is to do with your own body, and your own body is mostly within your direct control.

Wealth is more complex and challenging to create. To achieve significant wealth, one must deal with many more things that are to do with self, other people, systems, money, law, market forces, etc. There is a lot more that needs to be learned, managed and worked with. But wealth is still simple enough to create since the main outcome is money, and money is a universal resource that can come from many places and different people.

Relationship is the most complex and it is where the greatest difficulties and challenges arise. That is because you are looking to create that one special relationship with that one special person. It is not as universal a thing as money but a very personal and unique situation you are trying to work with.

The difference in difficulty between the three areas is also correlated with the different level of control you have in each area. Your reality creating powers extend from your inner world to your outer world. You have the greatest reality creating control over your body and personal space, and your reality creating control diminishes the further outwards you go. Your health and body are in your immediate space and therefore you have the greatest reality creating control over it.

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