Awareness is Defense against Reality Manipulation

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Awareness is Defense against Reality Manipulation

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

All of reality is held by consciousness. That is why it is so important to hold your mind on the Truth, so that your reality will align with what is most beneficial to you according to the thoughts of divine intelligence. Awareness or knowledge is a defence against spiritual attack or reality manipulation. Awareness/knowledge alone passively protects by locking down one’s reality against attempted manipulation by negative forces. But when such forces manage to enter through areas lacking awareness, it is only through the active utilization of knowledge and awareness by taking action to counter their offenses and not giving in to their sly attempts to further penetrate your realm and steal your energy that these attacks are overcomed.
When an event happens whether it is an attack, an accident or a synchronicity, most likely it happened for a reason. It would be wise to reflect upon its possible meanings and learn the lessons as efficiently as possible. If not, the lesson may be introduced again and more unjustified pain is experienced. The reason may be simply that an attack happened because it could. The lesson then is to ensure than it cannot happen again. Sometimes an attack occurs not to teach us something new but to remind us of a lesson we have forgotten. Keeping the lesson in awareness prevents the attack from happening. That is why refreshing is important.
Negative forces do not want you to gain knowledge because when you increase in power, it threatens their dominion in this world. Gaining knowledge and applying it naturally ups your defenses. So the very knowledge that makes you a target can protect you against succumbing to attacks. Those who hoard knowledge without taking it seriously enough to apply in life get all the targeting that comes with great knowledge, but possessing only half the protection, so they get eliminated pretty quickly.
Choosing is the core process necessary for learning and spiritual evolution. You incarnate in this life to learn a certain set of pre-arranged lessons. Through synchronicity, your Higher Self guides the flow of your life to introduce these lessons when you are ready to learn them. You choose how you learn your lessons, the easy way based on awareness, or the hard way based on ignorance. Under ideal circumstances, you always learn your lessons the easiest way, which is a way most closely aligned with the mindset of the Higher Self, a virtuous spiritual position endowed with awareness and discernment.
But there is much possibility for going astray. Because you have freewill, you can commit “errors”. Even worse, negative forces exist to trick and manipulate you into straying as far from your life path as possible. There is no wrong path through life, as all lead to you learning the same lessons in the end. Nevertheless, the farther you stray from the easiest path, the more lengthy, convoluted, and painful the path toward learning that particular lesson. Thus, for every given lesson, you choose the degree of painful suffering necessary to learn it. If you choose with discernment, no suffering is necessary.
When negative beings cannot bypass your freewill in an area which you have awarenes, all they can do is offer choices, biasing the choices so that you are more likely to choose the negative option and therefore tarnish your being. Biased as they are, as long as they are still choices, your freewill is not violated. It’s amazing what degree of manipulation can be done which does not qualify as a freewill violation, for “permission” is a broad term.
You cannot win by taking the choices your adversaries give you. Always look for the third option, the way of skipping, bypassing, or circumventing the rules they try to place upon you. The best way to win a game is to stop playing by its rules. Their games are customized to fit what they know about how you react, so stop reacting and alter your methods as fits the situation on the basis of what seems like the smartest thing to do. By adapting your methods to their approach, you are always one step ahead. But generally, it’s wise to not even play their games, so watch out for falling into their ambush. Stay centered in your territory where the light shines. Win by transcending the system.
Having knowledge and awareness makes you less predictable. The more knowledge you have, the more freewill you have, the more choices you can make because you’re aware of those choices, and the harder it is for them to calculate what you will do next. Being unpredictable makes them less efficient in their attack because they must spread their resources to account for a wider range of probable weaknesses.
Not all lessons must be experienced with pain, because it is obvious that clever people can learn from the mistakes of others. This arises from the concept that, in truth, we are all “one” on a fundamental soul level, and learning from the mistakes of others is an action that illustrates one’s correct understanding of this principle. Always having to experience something negative for oneself is a sign that one is separate, alone, and more individuated than one truly is. The price of that ignorance is having to suffer through a painful experience. Experience is a means to an end of learning a lesson. Those who make experience the end goal are going down the negative path.
Seek to learn from all you experience. If you are open to learning from your experiences, then the more you are attacked, the more knowledgeable you become. They take a gamble every time they attack. Either they win and you become weak, or they lose and you become stronger. It’s your choice. They end up shooting themselves in the foot when they attack a strong target. Therefore they always seek to attack when they have good enough chance of winning or when the payoff is worth the risk. They stop attacking once the target has proven to be a tough case. They’d rather focus their energy on other places where they can do more effect for their cause.

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