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Freedom and Intelligence to Do What You Desire

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

Freedom and intelligence to do what you desire is important in living life. The warrior must learn to resist, and ultimately become immune, to the disapproval of his fellows. You should be able to say that if the only weapon an opponent has against you is disapproval, then he is very poorly armed. As you do this, the confidence which you will gain by each successful engagement with the forces who would try to control you will enable you to face life with a much greater sense of personal power and workability.

Remember that life itself is conflict, the conflict between the strong and the weak and the smart and the stupid, the human and the sports fan. Sports fans are the ultimate losers, spending their lives attempting to identify with the winners that they can never be. Do not make the mistake of idolizing someone to the point where you are not working on becoming the best yourself. Your own life and achievements are all that matters. Let others inspire you, but focus all your power on creating your own realities.

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