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Maintain your Consciousness at a Higher Level

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

Your consciousness creates your level of wealth and success in life. Increasing in wealth and success begins by increasing your level of consciousness about wealth and success in your life. That is the purpose of having dreams and big goals to achieve. When you see yourself becoming more successful and wealthier than you presently are, you draw yourself in that direction. But when you do arrive at your desired level of achievement, it is important that you maintain your consciousness at the higher level.

Some of us make the mistake of dropping our consciousness back to our previous levels. Sometimes the reason why we seek to achieve bigger goals is just to see if we can do it. Then after we have actually made it, we feel that we have proven ourselves and can return to our previous levels without feeling inadequate. Sometimes we even believe that what we achieved was too good to be true, and it would only last momentarily. All of these kinds of thinking cause people to lose the level of success reached.

If you want to be a super achiever in life, you must not think like that. Don’t let your level of wealth or success consciousness slip back down. Once it is at a higher level, keep it that way. Know the reasons why you intend to create wealth and success. If it is just to have a momentary experience of being greater, then that is what you will experience. Realize that and seek to create ongoing wealth and success instead. When your dreams come true, don’t let them slip away by thinking they are not lasting.

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