Intent creates Coincidences to Fulfill itself

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Intent creates Coincidences to Fulfill itself

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

A coincidence is an incident that happens with another incident. It can happen at the same time at the same place, same time but different place or same place but different time. It can even happen at a different time and different place but is related to the first event in some special way. Coincidences are incidents that correlate with each other across time and space. They are events in synchronization with a higher cause. That is why coincidences are synchronicities.

Everything that happens in the universe starts with intention. Events that happen separately and which do not directly cause each other are acausal events. But acausal events have a common cause which is intent. Intent is what creates and synchronizes those separate events to fulfill a common purpose that they are a part of. When you make a choice through intention, the universe takes care of the details necessary to fulfil the intention through synchronicities.

The whole universe functions by synchronicity. Every moment of our life operates in synchronicity. The only reason we do not experience synchronicity is that we are not in the state of awareness to notice it happening. Everything that is happening in every moment is happening together with everything else that is a part of fulfilling the intentions by which they were created from.

Everything in the universe exists as undefined energy until an observer focuses on it. It is consciousness alone that collapses the wave-particle. Without consciousness, everything would exist only as pure potential. There are infinite possibilities that need only intent to make real. In order to notice anything, you have to ignore everything else around it. It is observation that turns possibility into reality. We can truly create the magical life with consciousness alone.

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